Technology Core
Laboratory and Equipment

linkHygH Technical Core 

Our research is based on many years’ professional and adept experience in tape and adhesive industry. Apart from testing various materials and adhesive, we focus more on the research and development of formula and chemistry, then combine the science with our coating processing, so as to bring modulization product design to meet the pertinent and functional needs of incoming and upcoming new applications.

The study highlights of linkHygH include thermal high plastic material, adhesive foaming, hot melt adhesive material and low reflection high transparency optical film material, etc.

Technical Advantages

▶ Specially designed molecular structure

▶ Optimized glue formula

▶ Independently developed R & D and test equipment

▶ Support of overseas raw materials

Market Accumulation

▶ Understand application requirements

▶ Understand technology trends

▶ Understand customer pain points

Process Advantages

▶ Customized coating equipment

▶ Precise control of coating thickness

▶ Master various coating processes