EICC protocol for related parties

Good business ethics and social responsibility can not only stimulate the enthusiasm of employees and attract potential staff, but also improve corporate reputation and create positive public effects, thereby optimizing cooperation with customers and related parties, and creating better economic and social benefits would be necessary. While developing rapidly, linkHygH has always been serving the society and actively assumes social responsibility. All its interested parties are also required to assume their respective social responsibilities. All parties involved must sign a "Corporate Social Responsibility Agreement" with linkHygH. The purpose of this Agreement is to guide and supervise the parties concerned in complying with the Code of Social Ethics and national laws and regulations, respecting basic human rights, treating employees preferentially, and protecting the environment. 

Each relevant party of linkHygH (each region of the organization) shall comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country

and region where it is located, including but not limited to local, national, regional and international laws and regulations.

Every relevant party should ensure that every employee receives sufficient information and training on relevant laws and regulations.

If the relevant parties violate laws and regulations, they should be subject to corresponding sanctions. 

When this happens, the relevant party should notify linkHygH in a timely manner. Each interested party should understand that the business

activities it engages in have a direct or indirect impact on society, and therefore should give due consideration to the interests of the beneficiaries, including employees,

customers, related parties, business partners, shareholders and local communities.

Labor standards

Child labor and Minors

Each interested party linkHygH shall not use child labor at any stage and shall endeavor to protect children from economic exploitation and obstruction of children's education and other behaviors harmful to their development.

Free choice of occupation

Employees shall not be subjected to coercion, debt or contracts, and employees shall not be required to hand in government-issued identity cards, passports or work permits as a condition of employment.....

Treat employees equally

All employees have the right to a written employment contract, employee wages, working hours and benefits should be fair and meet statutory minimum standards.

Security requirements

Including aspects of safe and healthy working environment, healthcare, workplace safety, chemical safety, accommodation, product safety, etc.

In each area of the related parties of linkHygH, including production, sales and after-sales service, each related party shall continuously carry out and perform activities that meet or exceed legal requirements to ensure the safety of products and services. Each interested party shall provide the customer with accurate, understandable and distinctively identified safety instructions and information. If a safety incident occurs with the products and services of the relevant party of linkHygH the relevant party shall immediately investigate the incident and take appropriate measures.

Environmental requirements

Including prevention of pollution and conservation of resources, hazardous substances, wastewater and solid waste, air emissions, product content restrictions, etc.

Every stakeholder of linkHygH. should be committed to protecting and improving the natural environment at every step as a strategy to achieve sustainable development. Collect and identify applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards. All environmental permits (e.g., emissions monitoring) necessary for the industry should be obtained and registered to comply with the operational and reporting requirements of the permits.

Moral and ethics

Including aspects of integrity, maintenance of confidential information, data confidentiality, intellectual property rights, fair competition, etc.

Stakeholders of linkHygH should identify the value of intellectual property rights, such as patents, designs, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights (including ingredients, sound recordings, film and television, games and computer programs), and should respect the intellectual property rights of others. Employees must not intentionally abuse the intellectual property rights of others and infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. Each relevant party of linkHygH should promote fair competition in the market and select relevant parties in terms of competitive price, quality, transportation and other objective factors.