Product Center

linkHygH would provide professional technical support and specially designed products solutions, so as to meet the demands of different applications under various

conditions, including bonding, cushioning, gap filling and surface protection, etc. 

Special cushion foam
Elastic cushion foam with good compression and shock resist feature. It can be generally applied as solution for cushioning and gap filling, especially the cushion pad at the bottom of OLED structure.
TAS high elastic double-sided tape
TAS series uses special high elastic polymer as backing, coated with different type of adhesive on each side. It is designed for applications involving bonding of LSE materials like PP, PE and some skin-friendly foam and rubber particularly. In addition, due to the different coating design,  TAS products can be removed after it is applied so it is also suitable for some applications requiring removing after adhesion.
Special hot-melt double-sided tape
PET film backing coated with special heat-active adhesive layer. One of the two coating sides has no tack under room temperature but after heat pressing, both two sides will provide stable adhesion force. In addition, the adhesive has good chemical resistant feature, thus very suitable for some special applications e.g., the bonding between battery core and the outer packing.
Acrylic foam double-sided tape
Acrylic foam core as backing brings extra high cohesion force, thus this tape has very good visco-elastic feature, providing good shock and stress absorption feature to ensure stable adhesion. In addition, acrylic foam tapes have good climate resistant performance. By combining adhesive with more and different designs with backing structure, the series of acrylic foam may meet the requirements of various industries.
Anti-repulsion PET double-sided tape
PET backing coated with adhesive with anti-repulsion feature. Stable adhesion and no stress-caused adhesion failure caused by reasons like heat and temperature. Suitable for applications with small bonding surface and high adhesion force. 
Optical level protection film
Backing with high transparency combined with optical clear adhesive. More features can be provided based on the different design of adhesive formula, so as to meet the demands of different applications such as UV etching and multi-layer protection.
PE foam double-sided tape
PE foam backing coated with acrylic adhesive with good performance, together providing high bonding and cushioning features. Also, it is good for water and dirt blocking as well as gap filling, suitable for many bonding or sealing applications in different industries.
Non-woven double-sided tape
Use flexible non-woven cloth as backing, coated with acrylic adhesive. Non-woven double-sided tapes have very good adhesion, temperature resist, flexibility and venting performance, and can be teared easily by hand.
General PET double-sided tape
PET backing coated with acrylic adhesive, bringing stable adhesion and good die-cutting performance. The thickness ranges from ultra-thin range of <5μm to general thickness of 100μm, meeting the requirement of many different industries.